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I am so excited for our weekend!

Here is everything you will need for our weekend.

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect…

Let this be the weekend for YOU. Fill up, nourish yourself, eat well, relax, get great sleep.



We will go LIVE on Zoom each day, 5/12-5/14

  • US Times: 8am p | 9am m | 10am c | 11am e
  • Sydney: 3am
  • London | GMT: 4pm London

Each day will go until early evening except Sunday which will be in the afternoon. I don’t have an exact time because I don’t now how long it will take me to get you the info you need. 🙂

RESTORATIVE YOGA: We have an extra session planned for Friday evening from 7:30-9pm c. It’s a deeply relaxing Yoga session. No experience necessary! Just plan on coming to relax. 

LASER COACHING: I am setting aside time on Saturday night to take those of you who are interested through some laser coaching – helping you take a step in your life. It will be a group session so anyone is welcome to come.

None of the sessions will be recorded so plan on being with us LIVE.

PASSCODE: Jump2023

Meanwhile, here are two tasks for you:

Print Your Workbook

Join our FB Community

Invite a friend or two! Trust me, you will be MUCH MORE likely to follow through with what you learn if you are playing with others. 🙂

Send them here: LauraErdmanLuntz.com/Jump.

See you soon! Can’t wait to get started!