Laura Erdman-Luntz


(I am still reposting all of the posts I transferred from my old blog to my new one.  I just came upon his one and had to smile. This was a fun post to write and received ALOT of comments on FB and Twitter.  Apparently being authentic is attractive. Shocking, isn’t it?)

You know what?  After years of writing a blog…yep years…and about 3000 or more posts later, I realized I have been holding back.  Frankly, I never wanted to tick anyone off, I wanted to play it safe.  I don’t anymore.  I feel like I am breaking through a shell that I have work for my entire life (perhaps lifetimes) and it is time to get real.

Here are a few of my truths (not Truths, necessarily, so they are mine, they do not have to be yours) I have held back on.

  • It is not cool to hide behind your fears, blame others, or continue to live in them once you have identified them.  I must admit, I find those people annoying.  They are not my friends nor my clients.
  • It is totally okay to own up to your fears AND realize they are still with you AND realize they are still affecting you AND realize you aren’t ready to work on them.  Just own them as your own and stop making excuses.
  • Rationalizing/excuses drives me crazy. You did what you did, own up to it and move on.  I already have.
  • I do not mind the word “f**k”.  I know that will shock some of you.  But the truth is, it makes me giggle like a school girl and not take things seriously.  It is just a word.  (That being said, if it came out of my child’s mouth I would freak out. Got a little hypocritical side to me, I know.)
  • Having said that, I do not like the words “never” or “hate”.  They are very big words and hard to live up to. Please don’t use them in my presence.
  • Stop apologizing for yourself when an apology is not necessary.
  • Regret is a useless waste of energy.  Stop it!  Think “now what” not “what if…”
  • And while we are on useless wastes of energy, lets talk judgment.  If you partake in it, stop it.  How can you even begin to think you know better than someone when you have no idea what is really going on in their heads or their hearts.  (And if you think you do, stop that, too!)
  • Here’s another waste of energy, the word “failure”.  Seriously, what the hell is that?  Failure of what?  Just because something didn’t turn out the way you planned doesn’t mean it was a failure. Do you consider a baby who is learning to walk and falls down a failure?  We all need to get the strength in our legs to do what we need to do and sometimes that means falling down, alot, with a few scraped knees.  Learn what you need to, get up, and do it better the next time.
  • What if there was more than one right? (Agreeing to disagree is a lovely thing!)
  • Corollary: What if there wasn’t a “Right Choice”?
  • Here’s a biggie, something I have always wanted to say and want to title a book with it, to all of you who have ever complained about your life to me, but continue to not do anything (I am a Life Coach, I get these stories), here’s what I really wanted to say, “Get off your A** and DO something about it!”
  • Okay, and since I am on a roll, can we PLEASE stop wasting our energy on the whole gay marriage thing?  For crying out loud, there are people starving in the world and we seem to care more about what happens behind the closed doors of someone else’s home. Get Over It!

Phew!  Feels good to get it off my chest.

May you, too, own up to your truth.

Peace and miracles,