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Thank you for inquiring into guest blogging on my site.

I am thrilled you want to be a part of my website.  A lot of love and consideration goes into what becomes a part of my space so please read the guidelines closely to be be sure you understand the expectations and agreement of being a guest blogger.


  • Okay your topic with me first:  Check with me before you go through the trouble of writing your fabulous piece!  I keep an editorial calendar so I will let you know when it will be published and by what date I will need your article.  The date is a deadline.  If you feel you cannot have it done by then, let me know right away.  I can easily push your deadline out if I have enough time.
  • Content:  Please read my blog for awhile so you get to know the type of content I expect.  I write on a variety of topics: spiritual, yoga, yoga teachers, creating change in your life, personal stories.  All posts must be positive in nature and not self-promotional as its main intent.  Having said that, I totally honor wanting to promote something you do in your byline (and include contact info and social media links.  Just keep it to 2-3 sentences.  Also, remember the post will be up for years, don’t make the promotion time-sensitive.)
  • If your post is accepted, you consent to the full article, extracts, samples or examples appearing in other products and/or services by Laura Erdman-Luntz, obviously with full attribution to you as the author.
  • Be original:  What you submit must be yours. I am totally okay with anything you have previously posted elsewhere as long as you still have the rights to reprint.  If you submit with me, I retain the rights to keep the post.  It cannot be deleted in the future because there may be other posts that link to it.



  • Internal links to other blog posts on Laura Erdman-Luntz is encouraged. The inclusion of any affiliate links is not permitted.
  • Please include at least one image with your post.  Your images can be stock photos, logos, videos, images from websites, screenshots, etc.  Images must be clear and crisp, preferable high-resolution.  Images must include accurate attribution and you must have permission to use them. Attach images to the email when submitting your article. The final decision on picture selection is mine.
  • Title:  Be sure to add a title to your post.  I try to encourage readership with enticing headlines. I reserve the right to create a headline or edit your headline for your post.
  • Editing:  I will edit your post.  If too much editing is necessary, I will return it to you to let you do the editing.  Please read your piece out loud to see how it sounds.  Much editing can be done by simply hearing it.
  • Payment:  I do not pay for submissions. But I do allow a limited amount of self-promotion in your bylines.
  • Length:  Keep your post under 600 words.  If you feel you have more to say, discuss doing a two-part series with me.
  • Submission Format:  Please send me your post as an attachment to an email as a Word .doc file or .pages.


Further Promotional Opportunities:

  • Special Offers to my community: Special and/or exclusive offers to my readership are very welcomed! Please contact me directly if you would like to offer any free resources (an ebook, a sample chapter, a worksheet, etc.) to accompany the post and/or if you are willing to offer a special discount on a product or service.
  • Giveaway:  Periodically I offer giveaways to my readers.  If you would like extra promotion around your post or product, discuss this option with me.
  • Promotion: Once I have posted your article, tell your friends!  Please share it via email, facebook, twitter, etc.  The more people who view YOUR post and MY website the better for both of us!
  • I will do the same, highlighting your post in my FB page and Twitter feed.  If it is a post that is particularly poignant for me, I will also highlight it in my eNewsletter.
  • I also ask that you please respond to any comments from readers as appropriate.

Thanks for considering being a guest blogger on

I look forward to receiving your submission!

Questions?  Please ask away!  You can email me at: