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Life Coaching + Yoga = MAGIC!!

Say, “YES!”

To your dreams.  To your life.

Take charge of your direction.



Manifesting is all about drawing upon your deepest, truest dreams of your self and your life and bringing them forth into this world.  Five Steps (Plus One) for Living Your Extraordinary Life will do just that!

Live your dreams, live your purpose.

What makes THIS program so special: I have been teaching this course for almost 10 years.  People have raved about the power of it.  Here are just a few comments:

“Remarkable is it in a nutshell.


“Laura expects remarkable and miracles – and how cool is that?”


“Every week was truly fantastic!! It was so awesome to work towards a better good and feeling and seeing the results on a daily basis.”


“There really are easy steps that we can take each and every day to live more fully and enjoy life!”

Read MORE comments from clients.



Yoga is a new addition and it makes this program infinitely more powerful.  Life coaching works through our minds.  We think about what we want to change, we decide our goals, we work toward our actions steps.  But our minds are severely limited and within our mind also lies our limited thinking.

Yoga sees our beings as having five layers with the mind being merely one:

  • Physical: Our physical body.
  • Mental: Our minds (this refers to the lower mind — the part of our body that gets stuck in everyday matters).
  • Energetic: Where our chi or prana resides.
  • Higher Mind:  Where our personality lives — our habits — where we fall back when we are stressed or exhausted.
  • Bliss Body: This is where we want to reside, in our Higher Self, our soul, the part of us that is infinite and limitless.

All of our challenges, such as limiting beliefs, bad habits, etc., live on all of the first four levels.

Think of it this way, we are like an onion with our true desires, our spirit, lying deep inside.  The many, many layers of the onion are our limiting beliefs, our fears, our negativity, covering up that beautiful, limitless core.  A complete yoga practice works with the first four layers to clear away the clutter so we can better access the bliss body, our true selves.

  • The poses, or asanas, work on the physical body (which you experience as you do yoga — your body feels better!).
  • Meditation/Visualization works on the clutter of the mind so we can not only clear away our thoughts, but become  proactive in choosing more positive thoughts.
  • Breathing exercises help clear away the clutter in the energy body.
  • And the study of philosophy opens our minds to new ideas so we can begin to question our habits and limiting beliefs.

With Five Steps (Plus One) for Living Your Extraordinary Life + Yoga, we work every step on every level of your being to help you transform faster and more powerfully.

What can you expect for yourself?

  • Understand why changes you have tried to make in your life just didn’t stick.
  • You will be energized to make the changes in your life.
  • You will move from a place of motivation to one of inspiration.
  • You will be involved with a dynamic group of people ready to support you.


Outline of the 8-week course:

Week One: Preparation & Orientation – Setting Your Intention

Week Two: What is manifesting? Where do I already attract well?

Week Three: Ask for what you want!

Week Four: You must believe in your dream (and you)

Week Five: Let’s take action

Week Six: So, how well do you receive?

Week Seven: You need to let go to surrender

Week Eight: Feeling grateful in many ways


In this incredibly powerful workshop series you will focus the

power of your imagination to create the life you really want to live!


What YOU receive:

  • 2.5 hours of Life Coaching podcasts and workbook.
  • Yoga Videos, Visualization & Breathing Podcasts for each step, including a powerful quickie manifesting series I will teach you and add on to throughout the series.
  • Plus, a few BONUS podcasts and videos!
  • 1-2, LIVE coaching calls with the group and me for Q & As from you.  (Recorded in case you cannot make it.)
  • Group Coaching: Access to a private, online community with up to 10 other people.  (I want to keep the groups small and intimate.)
  • Private Coaching: I will provide you with ways to communicate with me directly.

About Laura:CCP Laura Erdman Luntz 017

Laura has been Life Coaching and teaching yoga for almost 25 years and teaching live manifesting classes over the past 10 years. She is now combining all of them into a powerful series. Five Steps (Plus One) for Living YourExtraordinary Life will launch you into the life of your dreams, into more joy and vibrancy. Perhaps you have already learned about manifesting but can’t find the next step or get manifesting to “work” for you. This series will
allow you to find your authentic life, the one you are meant to lead, the one that fills you full of purpose and excitement about life! Some of the courses also use yoga (asanas, breathing, and meditation) to help you shift faster – a powerful way to change your life even faster!


Ready to begin?

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