Want to really enjoy your life?
To be able to look back on your life at the end with a smile and be able to say,
“That was a life well-lived”?

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The Two Essentials to Enjoying Your Life

by Laura Erdman-Luntz | Ignite Your Life Radio

To truly enjoy your life, you need two things.

I call them “The Little” and “The Big”.

As we look at each one, take some time to thing about them in your own life. Are you doing them? If  not, are you ready to do a little something to bring them into your life? If you are, is it time to upgrade?

Little: Love the Life We Are In

Feeling gratitude and appreciation for where we are is crucial to enjoying life. So often we wait for everything to be “perfect” to let ourselves be happy. When school is done. When the kids are back in school. When retirement comes. When we finally own that home of our dreams. When we finish the “to do” list.

But that doesn’t happen. Or, if it does, it is fleeting. This is life and life happens.

Don’t let yourself wait until…

Begin to appreciate where you are and what you have. Appreciate the people in your life and what is going well.

And if you don’t do special things periodically, begin to make each day special somehow, someway. It doesn’t have to be a huge gesture, just sharing kindness or making someone else’s day can make your day special.

Frankly, it’s more about intention than anything. Have the intention that little things are special and they will be. Tea with your husband at the kitchen table. Movie night with a kiddo and a bowl of popcorn. A text to a friend telling them you are thinking about them. Done with the intent for that to be special will make it special.

If you are at a loss of what you can do, stick with me. I share periodic stories from my own life on how I make each day special. Definitely follow my stories on Instagram (@MuseLaura). I share daily what I am doing to make the day special.


Big: Have the Big Dream

You need something out there that gets you excited. Some sort of Big Dream or Vision for your life that gets you so excited it pushes you to learn, grow, evolve, to want to be a better person.

We are here on this journey to grow and we are only truly satisfied when we are growing. Stagnation doesn’t feel good.

So have your Big Dream, that thing out there that gets you excited. It will let you love your life even more!

AND be sure you are working toward your dream, doing something so it isn’t just a pipe dream, but something that will be your reality eventually.

Join me…

Want to work on both of these with me? How about join me this summer for an Epic Summer? My signature program Five Steps (+1) for Living Your Extraordinary Life will help you cultivate both the Little…loving the life you are in and the Big…having that Big Dream that gets you excited!