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Aren’t we all! 🙂 And I have some great info to share with you!

This post is part of a 4-week series I created for ideas on how to boost your energy. Sounds good, eh? If you want to read all the posts and get all the goodies, you can sign up for the full series here: #30DayEnergyBoost.

Enjoy this series for a bevy of suggestions!

Summary Live Stream

Live Stream

You can enjoy this Live Stream I did on the subject, teaching about the 4 tips, or scroll down and read each tip on your own!

Tip #1: Bedtime Rituals

Creating a bedtime ritual is a powerful way to let your body and mind know it is time to rest. We are creatures of habit and doing the same thing each night will help set us up for a deeper rest.

To create the most potent ritual, you will want to do the same things at the same time as often as you can.

(Note: Rule of thumb for something you want to do daily. Set the intention to do it daily but expect 5 out of 7 days. Life happens and there will be times when it doesn’t work. If you don’t expect to do it EVERY time, you will not judge yourself for missing!)

SO, if choosing a bedtime ritual is something you want to try, you need to decide three things:

  How much time do you want to devote to your ritual? Just 5 min will make a difference. Really. I do about 20-30 min.

  What time do you want to do your ritual? Again, the same time each night will help. Figure out what time you want to go to sleep and work backward to decide when you want to start the ritual. (And listen to the Live Stream to learn about how to decide what time to go to sleep!)

  Decide what you are going to do. Yep, actually list it. You want to be specific and not leave it up to the whim of the moment. The tendency is to not do anything then. Choose at least one activity and not more than three, for now. Keep it simple. You can always add to it.

➡️  Ideas: Reading, journaling, bath, gentle yoga, meditation, prayer.

Tip #2: Yoga

Gentle stretching with breathing is a great way to unwind and get the body ready for bed.

Here is an entire playlist of yoga videos I made for you in a variety of lengths of time for you to enjoy: Yoga for Bedtime.

Or choose one or more of the the poses in the graphic.

Tip #3: Technology

Electro-magnetic energy is incredibly stimulating and hard on our bodies and brains. It also throws off our internal clocks with the artificial stimulation.

Add to that the fact that you might be on your screen working on something that causes you stress and anxiety, and you are increasing its effect on your sleep!

Here are a few suggestions to help you counter the effects of our screens:

📱 Turn off your technology at least 60 min before turning off the light at night. Pay attention, though, you may need to turn it off 90-120 min.

📱 Keep your cell phone/computer out of your bedroom.
Turn off your wifi at night.

📱 Consider a hot Epsom salts bath which can help remove electromagnetic energy from your system.

📱 Adding Frankincense to the Epsom salts can help as well.

Tip #4: Young Living to the Rescue!

[Note: There is a reason I choose Young Living as a product partner after exhaustive research. There is no comparison when it comes to a natural support for the body. Please contact me directly if you would like to join my private, exclusive oily community. I like to give personalized service! 🙂  Click here for info on Young Living.]

If you haven’t embraced Sleep Essence and Immupro yet, you are in for a TREAT!

Both contain melatonin for a deeper sleep. Sleep Essence also contains nervous system supporting oils such as Lavender, Valerian & Vetiver.

Immupro contains immune supporting goodies such as antioxidants, zinc, selenium and mushrooms.

I like to keep both on the shelf for when I need it. I use Sleep Essence when life has me up thinking and Immupro when my immune system could use a little love. (I travel with Immupro. I never sleep well those first couple of nights and travel puts the immune system at a disadvantage.)

Let’s talk Essential Oils:

  • Young Living Lavender Essential Oil: Probably the most famous for calming oils. This one is perfect to diffuse, rub on feet, spray on pillow, whatever!
  • Young Living Cedarwood Essential Oil: Amazing oil for that overactive brain. If you have a hard time falling asleep because of all the thoughts or those thoughts keep you up in the middle of the night, Cedarwood might be a solution for you. Take a drop and rub it on your neck right at the base of the brain.
  • Young Living Valor Essential Oil: For when you have the “crazies”, as I lovingly call them. You know, those moments when all you can think of are the 12 things you “need to do, should have done, wish you had 26 hours to the day”. Valor on your feet will draw all the ways you are torn and bring them down into your body. Amazing for sleep!
  • Young Living Vetiver Essential Oil: Earth. In a bottle. Grounding, grounding, grounding.
  • Young Living Valerian Essential Oil: Not gonna lie, this one is stinky. No way around it. But so potent for loving your nervous system. Sleep will be amazing! Rub on feet and put on your socks — then you don’t have to smell it.

As for essential oils, the trick to using essential oils and sleep is to give them a chance to work. It can take more than just a few tries to get things going. Vetiver, for example, needs to be used for a couple of weeks to build up in the system to really help.

Next Step…

Choose an action…

If you have been following me for awhile, you know I am ALL ABOUT doing something. I want to inspire real change, not just “that’s a great idea” but nothing happens.

All I want you to do is choose ONE action from this list. One. Comment below what that one thing is for an even great chance of following through.

And then commit to doing it for at least 3 days. Just 3.

You can totally do that!

Ready? Join me next Monday for Topic #2 for this series!

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