yoga with kids

(Found this post on my old blog and had to smile.  That little boy is nine now and it feels as if soon he will be a teenager!  Even though he still interrupts my yoga practice, I know one day, when he no longer needs me, I will miss these days.  So, for now, my practice is interrupted and I just look and smile. Here is the original post.  Kind of cute so I left it!)

Yoga with Kids



I really do yoga with my kids climbing on me – literally. Here are the photos to prove it.

I also want to add that my husband told me Zack (3 years) did his own yoga practice tonight while his sister took a bath. (I was out teaching yoga). He said, “Daddy, can I do yoga?” Then he got out is mat and proceeded to do about 5 minutes of his own yoga (many variations of down dog.) That’s my yoga boy! ☺