Let’s declutter together!

#30DayDeclutter Challenge!


Pick one, two or all three to do! I have created a fun worksheet with a bevy of ideas for you to decide what you will do with each of the four weeks of our 30 days.



Clear the Clutter

Get rid of clothes, piles, paper, boxes and clean up the dust!





Clean out the Body

Choose to change your diet, drink more water, eat more nutritiously, exercise or even detox.





Upgrade the Thoughts!

Take a technology break, begin meditating, choose quiet time during your day.




What’s the Plan?

Once you sign up…

Once you share your name and email, I will send you a preparation packet that includes:

 >> Ideas for clearing out each of the three areas:

I will help you choose which area you want to focus on.


>> Worksheet so you can plan your own month:

You need to decide what you need to do and plan it out!

>> Calendar and task list so you can plan your month:

Schedule in your larger projects around your own family and social calendar.

>> Home Decluttering Plan: 

I also include a separate worksheet for you to plan out how you will declutter your home.