Dandasana, Staff Pose

Okay, I LOVE this adjustment and so do my students.  (We do it with partners so everyone can do it.)  BUT I am absolutely amazed at just how dorky I  look in these photos.  BUT since it is such a fabulous adjustment, I am going to show you the photos anyway! 🙂  (Disclaimer:  My fabulous photographer did NOT take these photos! 🙂 )

This is really for Paschimottanasana, but it can also help students feel better in Dandasana as well.  One of the challenges of Dandasana is using core muscles to get upright, not the superficial hip flexors.  Many students incorrectly grip the top of their thighs to life the spine. (Oh, who are we kidding? Pretty much we all do it until we learn how not to do it!)

This adjustment grounds the femurs so you can relax the superficial muscles and begin to learn how to use the deeper core muscles.

In this first photo, I have made a large loop with the strap and placed my hands in the strap.  You want the strap to hit just outside the hips.


Then you take your legs over the strap and extend them.  They will naturally press the thighs firmly down.  Your student will say, “ahhhh….”



You will so love this adjustment and your students will love you for it!  Um… not that we are into ego or anything!  Let me know what you think!