Why not now? | Life Coaching with MuseLaura

I want you to play with me for a moment and consider something.

Really do this to see what you discover.

  1. Think about what you want. Whatever it is. If you have been following me for awhile, you probably have begun to think of it. (If not, you need to listen to this radio show or read this post.)
  2. Can you see having it in 5 years? Can you? Can you imagine living the life you dream of in 5 years?
  3. Can you see having it in 1 year? One year from today, you have it all. Can you feel it?
  4. Can you see having it in 6 months? What about in 6 months? How does that feel?
  5. Can you see having it in 6 weeks? Getting closer to now…
  6. What about next week? Even closer…
  7. How about tomorrow?
  8. This afternoon?

When did I lose you? I usually find I have most people still at 1 year, half at 6 months, and not a one at 6 weeks.

Yet, if you are using the Law of Attraction well, that means you can see it and feel it NOW, right here, right now, in your current existence.

Eye opening, isn’t it?

Now, I completely agree that we while the Law of Attraction is incredibly powerful, we still have the physical laws to play with. If you want to build a house, for example, imagining it today will not have it built by tomorrow. Many of our dreams take time to build with a strong foundation.

BUT it is the feeling we most need to embody — and that we can do anytime, anywhere.

So, what can you do?

  • Step One: Bring on the feeling: Regularly “bring on the feeling” of what you want. Imagine it in your life right now and how you would feel. (Best times to do it? Right before bed and immediately upon waking.)
  • Step Two: Do what you would do: What action would that future you take right now? Work on taking action steps based on that “future you” persona. Begin to embody that consciousness and you will bring your dream closer to you! (I often have my clients a particular day to play “future self”. Do you want to sleep in? Do your art in the am? Go for a leisurely walk? Have a three-hour lunch? What will YOU do when you are THERE and do it!)
  • Step Three: Imagine it NOW!: Keep doing the dream exercise. Work on feeling your dream in your life wherever you “lost it”. Could you feel your vision at 1 year? Six months? If you can’t quite imagine it in 6 months, begin there. Once you feel it strongly, go to 3 months. See the date in your mind, feel the feeling and hold it.

Then, throughout your day, keep your feeling close to your heart. Make decisions from that place. Imagine being there with your life.

And watch your dream flow into your life!

Need more?

It is the topic of this radio show!

Why not now?