Ready for better sex? 

It is the month for it, after all. 🙂

While lots of things can affect libido that are beyond the scope of Yoga and essential oils, there are a bevy of things you can do.

And, yes, oils can also really help “in the moment”, so to speak. You might want to grab the printable I created for you below!

In fact, there are four areas where you can really affect how much you enjoy yourself…ahem…you know, with both yoga and essential oils:

#1: Energy levels:

You have to be awake with energy. Girlfriend, can we talk? When kiddos are little and life is fast and everyone needs everything from you right now? And, I am finally laying my head on the pillow and that feels SO good and you want me to do WHAT?

#2: Self-esteem:

When we don’t feel good in our own skin, how can we possibly enjoy being touched? Confidence is totally the new sexy. And that confidence doesn’t come from the other person but because YOU feel sexy when you are sure of yourself.

#3: Hormonal imbalances:  

Really, imbalances are the new norm. Early onset menses, infertility, crazy perimenopausal symptoms, adrenal and thyroid issues…hormones are being pushed and pushed and pushed. Then you need to have a few leftover for libido, yeah, I don’t think so!

#4: Energetically:

How well do you allow yourself pleasure in your life? And I mean any pleasure? A day off, a luxurious bath, a walk in a nature, a really fun evening with your best friends, you see where I am going. Let’s talk second chakra, baby!  Your chakras are your energy centers and the second one is in charge of pleasure — any pleasure, including in the bedroom. We can use oils and yoga to help us get thee energy flowing in a more balanced way in our chakra.

Let’s take a moment to really look at each one. I just want you to be able to consider which one is effecting you most right now. And I will share with you a next step so you can get started.


AND, I have an AWESOME gift for you: Recipes for Love & Libido with Essential Oils. The download is all about specific essential oils that will help you…you know…in the bedroom along with some awesome recipes. (Join me for Thursday night’s Live Stream to learn more! Info above in the box.)

I also share a yoga video for you. The video is below (scroll down) — It includes Essential Oils!

You can grab the printables here: 

#1: Energy Levels

We can do so many things to affect our energy with yoga and essential oils. Between improving the quality of your sleep and being able to infuse yourself with natural high energy, rather than caffeine and sugar, the ways are almost limitless.

AND I have written about them in other posts. Here are four posts I wrote for an Energy Boost series I created (4 Topics + 4 Tips). If energy is what you need, start here:

BUT let me just say…a dose of Young Living Peppermint Oil can go a long way to perk you up in the moment…just enough to get the ball rolling.

#2: Self-Esteem

If you don’t feel good in your own skin, it’s very hard to feel good enough to want to let someone be with us intimately.

I think we all know confidence is the new sexy.


Can essential oils and yoga affect our confidence? Did you just meet me?

Giggle. Of course, you may have just met me. 🙂

Stick with me, I will be sharing MORE on how to cultivate courage with Yoga + Essential Oils!

#3 Hormonal Imbalance

You know what? Here’s what I know, we muck up our hormones by how we live.

And hormones affect pretty much every function in the human body, including our libido.

While I know there are a TON of things that affect our hormones, including medical conditions, that you will want to see your doctor about, there are also TWO ways that are hugely problematic that we CAN effect, starting now: Harsh, toxic chemicals in our homes and stress levels.

Harsh, toxic chemicals in our homes.

Please, please, please, if you haven’t already begun cleaning out the toxic chemicals from your home, begin.

And if you have begun, yay! AND, Keep. Going. Every time I think we are done, I find more.

Common toxins found in our home affect hormones, brain health, cause cancer and SO MUCH MORE! I would say “don’t get me started” but it’s too late!

And these chemicals are found in household cleaners, personal care products (deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion), perfume, cosmetics, you get the idea…The average woman can come into contact with up to 300 toxins before breakfast!

I will be writing more about it coming up. For now know it’s one of the main reasons I love Young Living. Not only are the products free of harsh, toxic chemicals, they are also infused with therapeutic grade essential oils. In other words, not only are we NOT harmed, we receive the benefits of the oils. (If you want to hear more sooner, check here. It’s a series I wrote on toxins for our home for my oily community.) 

AND if you are ready to take the next step with Young Living and you want to be part of my community, contact me directly.



The stress we put our bodies through day in and day out pretty much wears out our endocrine system (our hormonal system).

To make it a super short story: when you are under stress for an extended period of time, you can use up your cortisol, your stress hormone. Then the body will turn to progesterone to use. Then when that runs out, estrogen. And, yes, that can run out, too.

You see where I am going.

How are you suppose to have any hormone left to help you feel “in the mood”?

Yoga and essential oils help us be more resilient to stress.

When you practice yoga and use essential oils regularly, you begin to relax. Every time you relax, even just a little, you won’t react as strongly to the next stressor, giving your body a bit of a break.


#4 Energetically


One of the main ways yoga and essential oils can support better sex is by opening the 2nd chakra, the seat of pleasure.

Chakras are our energy centers in our body and this center controls pleasure. Not just sexual pleasure, but really all fun and joyfulness.

When we use oils or do poses that support our 2nd chakra, it helps our ability to enjoy life more, including time in bed!


Second chakra yoga focuses on three things:

  • Movement: The element that represents the second chakra is water. This chakra calls us to flow with ease in life; to let ourselves move allow life to be in flow through us. So let your practice be a flow without holding poses for too long.
  • Sacral poses: Getting movement into the actual chakra physical location, which is around the belly button area. So poses like Supta Sarvangasana (Bridge Post) and Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclined Bound Angle) are quintessential poses.
  • Twists: But let the twists be deep in the belly area so I like ones when I am lying on my back such as Jathara Parivartanasana (Stomach Turning).

And that is what I share with you in this video! Enjoy!


There are four oils I really enjoy for second chakra support:

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is really the quintessential, second chakra oil and is also a two-fer for our purposes because the Ylang Ylang flower it considered an aphrodisiac! 🙂


The aroma of orange oil helps us return to the joy and carefreeness of our childhood. Our second chakras are usually more open when we are kiddos and play was easier for us.

Inner Child

An awesome blend of essential oils that helps us connect to our deeper self to tap into the inner joy and confidence of our inner child.


Since the second chakra helps us move and flow with life, it supports flowing with change. If you are feeling “stuck” because of a change you need to make that you are resisting, this oil will support your break through!

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