What are beliefs anyway? I looked up the definition “something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction”. I don’t see anywhere in the definition that says a belief has to be true. It is merely a firmly held opinion. They serve us by defining the world in a way our consciousness can comprehend.

Our beliefs should be fluid, ever changing as we evolve and grow. Our tendency, though, is to keep living life the same as we always have, never changing (at least much) and just assuming what we have is what we should expect. Our beliefs are often outmoded, though, and don’t fit who we are becoming and can, in fact, keep us from becoming what we are ready to become — they hold us back.

Our beliefs may come from our family, our culture, our religion, our society, from something someone said to us, or from an experience we had years back that has shaped how we think. The biggest challenge is these beliefs shape the way we see the world and, in effect, what we create in our world and if that belief is not what we want anymore, it continues to create a world that is less than fully satisfying.

Is it time to change your beliefs?