What if joy was tangible?

Meaning there were specific, easily defined steps you could take to create it for yourself?

I think there is… 

Let’s first look at what joy is: a feeling of great pleasure or happiness. When we are happy, we see what we have in our live and appreciate what is there rather than noticing what is not there. And that is the definition of “positive”. When we feel positive, we focus on the good in our lives and feel great gratitude. 

In our culture, we believe our attitude comes either from our circumstances, over which we feel powerless, or from great inner therapy work, carving out our “demons”. What if it was easier?

What if we could shift our attitude by just making some small changes in what we do in our every day?

We each have a balance inside of us between positive and negative attitudes. We know which way we are tipped in any given moment by what comes out in our thoughts, words, or actions. How we are tipped is influenced by many sources and it is with these sources that we have much power. Everything in our lives is either positive or negative; it is either bringing us toward joy or taking us away. There is no such thing as neutral. 

Here is where it becomes exciting (and relatively effortless). We just need to become aware of what helps us feel good (on a deep, heart level) and what doesn’t. And then begin to make different decisions.

What do you watch on television? What do you read in the newspaper?  How does your food affect you? With whom do you spend your time? Do they leave you feeling great or spent? What about your spiritual practice? Or your communication skills? What words do you use? (Yes, it affects you! Say the word “hate” and then “love”…feel the difference?)

What we find is we have many influences of which we had a vague awareness and many more influences of which we weren’t aware. Become aware of them. Everything counts and every thing is either adding to your well of positive energy or your negative well. The deeper our positive well, the easier it is to maintain a positive attitude (seeing what you have rather than what you don’t) in the face of challenges.

The more we release negative influences and bring into our life more positive ones, the more from our heart we are able to live.

We feel the most happiness when we are being authentic and living from our heart.


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