B O D Y  +  M I N D  +  S P I R I T

Maximize WELLNESS &
Live LIFE to the FULLEST


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Actively working toward better health & vitality
on all levels of our being:
physical + mental + emotional + spiritual.
Maximizing energy, vibrancy, vigor.

What’s the Plan?

It’s pretty simple…

We want to make Wellness an intentional process.

We all do some things to support our wellness.

We are also well-aware of things we could do but don’t…yet.

AND there are easy things we can add that we don’t even realize will help give us energy.

  >> Intentional Wellness <<

The Wellness Course:
We have a NEW course designed by inspiring Life Coach Laura Erdman-Luntz. It’s a 5-day challenge to help you choose what YOU need to do to support your wellness – the basics, so to speak. This plan will include what you already do and inspire you to add a bit more.

We will then lead regular Wellness Challenges, encouraging you to test new actions. You may find you like it!

Education + Inspiration:
Let The Wellness Bar be your daily go to: Wellness Tips,
inspiration, Feel Good Moments and more! Think of us as the neighborhood bar
where everyone knows your name!

Personal Concierge:
You will receive personal assistance. Yep, as in, one on one.  We want to help you get the MOST out of our time together!

And, of course, we’re all in this together! We want to hear your successes
and your challenges – to support you and cheer you on!