“I recently purchased your e-book Make More Money Teaching Yoga, and I have definitely found it valuable.  It helped to lay out a concrete plan for the things I already knew to do as well as provide great ideas I hadn’t considered.  Thank you!”

Erin Hoffman, RYT


You are ready to start making more money
(without adding one more class to your schedule!)

Are you ready to make more money?

To receive more for what you are already doing?

To receive money even when you aren’t teaching?

This e-book is for you! 

In this guide I will help you:

  • Maximize your income for what you are already doing
  • Learn ways to expand the ways you make money
  • Move beyond seeing yourself as an hourly wage earner – in other words, finding ways to make money without adding more classes to your schedule.

I have been a full-time Yoga Professional for more than 25 years.  Teaching yoga is my passion and my life’s work, but I want to do so without wearing myself out, keep time in my day for my own practice, and I want to earn far more then merely teaching classes can net me.  My class income has never been more than half of my income.  It is currently one-third of my income (and it will soon comprise only one-fifth of my income).

This book will share ideas for:

  • Making more with your current schedule
  • Other ways to make money other than using more of your time
  • Workbook style to allow you to work through each step

Download the ebook here: