Private Yoga Sessions

Laura Erdman-Luntz, private yoga classes, private online classes, skype, yoga skype, private yoga skype, private yoga session laura erdman-luntz, private yoga sessions muselauraDesire personal attention?  Have questions you need answered?  Want advice for your home practice?  Contact Laura directly to schedule a time.

Private Yoga Sessions with Laura  |  $150 per hour
Join Laura for one-on-one yoga sessions.  She offers them in-person (in the Twin Cities. Must be within 15 min driving distance.  If longer, discuss with Laura) and through her online studio.

Personalized Downloadable Video  |  $3 per minute
Laura will create a personalized yoga session for you based on your needs.  (You will be able to download the video from Laura’s online studio.)  You will begin with up to a 30-min phone consult with Laura so she can create the perfect yoga session for you and your needs.  Contact Laura directly to schedule.


Enjoy my NEW ebook and 30 days of personal support as you step into A Practice of Radical Self-Care.

We start August 1!

You are in! Welcome!