YouTube: Balanced Weight in Mountain Pose | Yoga with Laura

I have learned SO MUCH over the past couple of years about perimenopause and menopause, about what we need physically, mentally and emotionally.

I truly have every intention of rocking out the second half of my life and have even boldly declared it will be even better than the first half. 

Yep, Laura 2.0, baby!

 I also anticipate living to be in my hundreds. It’s not a pipe dream – I had 2 great grandparents who lived into their 100s and all of my grandparents lived to be in their 90s AND I take better care of my body than they ever did!

I am very active. I workout pretty much daily, get my steps in, lift heavy weights

But, that said, when my husband and I hit a deer with our car in June 2022 while on the highway. We went from 65 MPH to stopped in a couple of seconds. My recovery included a year of physical therapy where I learned all the parts of me that weren’t strong enough to give my body stability.

Add to that, the experience I have with teaching Yoga to middle aged women – in 30+ years of teaching probably 85% of my students have been middle aged women! I know what we need.

I created this video as a practice you could to regularly to help you stay feeling GOOD in your body. Let me know if you want more! 

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