Now Let’s Build!

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Now it is time to begin building your business.

  • Set office hours: When will you be working on your business? Set very specific office hours.  8-10 hours each week will get you going fast.
  • Network List: You are embarking on a network marketing career.  It is all about sharing, sharing, sharing about the oils and the business opportunity.  You need to create “The List”, a list of all the people you know, and I mean everyone.  Even Aunt Tilly who you think would never consider using the oils. Even though you are pretty sure you wouldn’t ever invite her to a gathering, she may jar your memory of someone else she knows who may want to use the oils. List them all. Add an asterisk next to those who you want to invite to a gathering and highlight the ones you think might make good business builders. Keep adding to the list.  Consider a list of 100 people as a start.  Make it a ritual to add two people every day to your list.

To help you jog your memory, here are two items from the great Eric Worre of Network Marketing Pro to help you:

  • Keeping Track of Your List: There are a number of ways you can keep track of your list, their contact information, who you contact, and any notes you want to track about what you discuss what you send them and more.  Personally, I began with an Excel spreadsheet. I created 3 spread sheets, one for my team, one for my product users and one for prospects.  If someone says no to you, do not delete them.  If you delete them you might not remember if you called in the first place.  Simply mark them somehow. (And then call them again in a few months — they might be ready then!)
  • Purchase two three-ring binders: If you like to stay organized with your paper, I have these notebooks.  One holds all the information I need to host gatherings and the other will holds all the educational material for the products.  I love the informational pages in the Member Resources section of the back office.  These pages are so useful!  I print, read, highlight, learn.