Affirmations — pro or con?

I think they are powerful, but only if you do them well. Let’s look at what can make them powerful!

Below I share how you can write your affirmations. Watch the video to the right here to see a Live Stream I did on the topic. Watch the video to learn:

  • When affirmations might not work for you.
  • What they do to the brain to increase your chances of success
  • Tips to make your affirmations powerful

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“I AM”

What?  What are you?  HOW are you?  What is YOUR story?

“I am always late.”

“I am disorganized.”

“I am waiting for _________ to be done to be content.”

“I am irritated by traffic.”

“I am afraid of the economy.”

These “I ams…” write the story of our lives (whether or not we say them out loud!) and, ironically, they usually aren’t even ours. 

They are all unintended gifts from those in authority when we were kids.  They are the “I ams…” of our parents, coaches, teachers, and revered peers.  They are what we were told to believe through words or examples and because we believe them, we create a life that supports them.  If you aren’t sure what your story is, look at your life.  Your story is all around you. I can spend 10 minutes with you and let you know if your story about yourself is positive…or not. 

These old stories only serve to keep us limited in our thinking, to keep us in our box. 

If you think “I am always late.”  Guess what?  You are right! 

If you think “I am unsuccessful in business.”  Guess what?  You are right!

You can rewrite these statements to make them what you want them to be.  


Step one: What is one old “I AM” statement you are ready to let release?

You can repeat this process for other areas of your life. 

Just do one at a time.



Step Two: What is your new “I AM”? 

Make it strong because YOU are strong.  It is okay if you don’t believe it yet.  In fact, you won’t believe it yet.  If you did, you would have let go of the old story long ago and this process would be unnecessary!

Here are some examples.  Be sure to tweak until it fits you.  Each of these “previous” statements could be changed in a myriad of ways:

“I am always late.” “I am comfortably on time.”

“I am disorganized.” “I am organized.”

“I am irritated by traffic.” “I am calm in traffic.”

“I am afraid of the economy.” “I am in control of my finances.”

Now, write your own:



Step Three: Write it where you can see it.

Write it on an index card and put it in your pocket to keep with you all day.  For even more impact, write it on a post-it and stick to your computer monitor, write it on a piece of paper and tape it to the dashboard of your car, make it the screen saver on your computer.  Whenever you are reminded of it, say it!

NOTE: This post is an excerpt from a book I wrote: I AMs: Fusing Yoga and Affirmations for Inner Strength. Stay tuned! It will be available in the Resource Library soon!

Laura Erdman-Luntz

Laura Erdman-Luntz

Chief Muse

Experienced Yoga Educator, Author, inspiring Life Coach and Business Entrepreneur, Laura Erdman-Luntz has over 30 years experience in the fitness and wellness industries.  She uniquely blends her Life Coaching knowledge and vast experience with Yoga to create programs, classes and workshops that truly do bring mind and body together for positive change, inspiring people to live their most authentic life.