Are you ready to have your most inspirational year ever?

It is time to Awaken your Extraordinary Life 
with this powerful journal and self-study program!

“Working with Laura, and applying the concepts of the program to my life,
has opened my eyes to just how much power I have to attract everything I want.
Don’t pass up the chance to ignite YOUR life!”
~ Jill Barber

Are you ready to:

Make real changes in your life that lead you to more satisfaction and joy?

Make sure your life isn’t the same in five years?

Set goals that you attain with energy and excitement?

Then this journal is for you!!

In this program, you will enjoy:

  • Setting goals that come from a deeper, more meaningful place.
  • Revisiting your goals on a monthly basis to set new action steps for the month.  No more letting your goals slip away by the end of the week!
  • Monthly Life Coaching lessons to deepen your work.

Putting It All Together. . .The Journal

This journal is your link to exploring your desires and clarifying dreams.  Each month, you will complete an exercise that will inspire you and take you closer to Extraordinary Life.  You will also consciously revisit your goals for the year and set smaller steps for the month.

Where Will YOU Be in a Year?

How long have yearned to get control of your life?  If you don’t take action now, will things be any different one year from today?  Your Extraordinary Life is within. . .why not awaken it now.

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