Make More Money Teaching Yoga


You are ready to start making more money
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Are you ready to make more money?

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In this guide I will help you:

  • Maximize your income for what you are already doing
  • Learn ways to expand the ways you make money
  • Move beyond seeing yourself as an hourly wage earner – in other words, finding ways to make money without adding more classes to your schedule.


 “I recently purchased your e-book Make More Money Teaching Yoga, and I have definitely found it valuable.  It helped to lay out a concrete plan for the things I already knew to do as well as provide great ideas I hadn’t considered.  Thank you!”

Erin Hoffman, RYT



Make More Money Teaching Yoga

Without Adding More Classes to Your Schedule

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I have been a full-time Yoga Professional for 22 years.  Teaching yoga is my passion and my life’s work, but I want to do so without wearing myself out, keep time in my day for my own practice, and I want to earn far more then merely teaching classes can net me.  My class income has never been more than half of my income.  It is currently one-third of my income (and it will soon comprise only one-fifth of my income).

This book will share ideas for:

  • Making more with your current schedule
  • Other ways to make money other than using more of your time
  • Workbook style to allow you to work through each step



Guaranteebox1_03Money Back Guarantee:  You see, I want you to glean insight from this e-book, to make your life easier and to be able to market yourself better and make more money.  If you are unhappy with this product, let me know.  I want to know how I can improve it to make it an even more useful product for readers.  If you are still unhappy, I offer a money back guarantee for up to 30 days after purchase.  Let me know one way I could make this product better and I will give you your money back with gratitude for the suggestion.  I believe that strongly about this product.


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