Keeping a Practice Journal

I am a firm believer in keeping a journal especially when it comes to your yoga practice.  I actually have three, one for my asana, one for pranayama/meditation, and one for my dreams and everyday notes.  It is just easier for me to keep them separate from each other the way I refer the them.

WHAT:  I enjoy writing insights I glean, new things I feel, challenges I encounter, questions I have, almost anything that comes up in my head during my practice ends up in my journal (or on my blog!)

WHY:  I love to spend time reviewing the thoughts I have had over the years, the insights, lessons learned, etc.  In yoga I find my evolution, while monumental and huge in the beginning, slows as I go more deeply into my practice.  I enjoy reading where I used to be to remember why I do what I do.  Also, my journals help me guide my practice.  As I write what I felt, the insights I gleaned, I am better able to guide my practice to what I need.


  • Decide why you want to keep a journal.  The more inspired you get around it, the more dedicated you will be to it.
  • Decide how many journals you want.  Does one feel simpler?  Maybe one with several sections?  Or a different one for different purposes.
  • Get the fabulous journal(s) and pen that represent all the good feelings your yoga practice creates for you.  If you enjoy seeing it and feeling it, you will be more inclined to use it.
  • Get writing!