So excited to welcome you to this challenge. It is the first time I have done it and am excited to see how I feel, too!

Get yourself started:

I have TWO ways to help you enjoy this series:

  • Facebook: Join me LIVE on my Facebook page where I will be Live Streaming and posting daily. I will pin a post at the top that will be the “Table of Contents” for everything as we go. Each Monday I will Live Stream about that week’s topic. I will discuss why that part of our life effects our energy and why I chose the tips I did. Then each day I will post on each tip (T-W-Th-F). Friday I will post a challenge for the weekend. Complete it and you will be in a drawing for something fun on Monday.
  • Blog: I also have a summary blog post that you can tap into where I will post everything I release, including the Live Stream. I will publish the post for the previous week on the following Monday.


You can also follow my Stories on Instagram.

I’ll be sharing fun snippets through out the month there: @MuseLaura.

Let’s do this!