Energy & Focus

FREE Webinar

Monday, September 19, 7pm C | 8pm E


Lack of energy is one of our greatest challenges. Between being constantly plugged in with our phones, being pulled in multiple directions and then not getting enough truly deep, nourishing sleep, we drag ourselves through our day.

In this workshop, I will share Life Coaching as well as essential oil tips as we discuss how to protect your energy, use it more efficiently based on brain physiology and support it with Young Living products.

Specifically we will cover:

  1. Honoring your daily cycles to use your energy more effectively.
  2. How brain physiology effects your focus.
  3. The best lifestyle changes you can make to maximize your energy.
  4. The essential oils and other Young Living products you can add into your life to improve your energy and focus.

You will leave with a 3 month plan of tangible things you can do for yourself to increase your energy, focus and vitality!

Beginner oilers welcome!