This pose is so much harder than we think.  Truly getting energy into the legs is tricky in Dandasana. Unless you are open enough in the hamstrings and strong enough in your core to get on top of your hamstrings, it is hard to engage the legs well.

We need to engage our legs to give us a grounded feel in this pose.

These two adjustments are more subtle ways to get yourself or your students more awaken in the action fo the legs.


Getting weight into the legs:

Adjustment for Dandasana

In this photo, you can see the partner is putting slight pressure on the ankle, so the student feels weight in the legs.







Waking up the energy lines in the leg:

Adjustment for Dandasana

In this photo the touch is right on the wellspring energy point.  (The spot is right where your heal and arch come together, right in the middle of the foot.)  This spot will help you connect to the energetic lines in your legs.







I find my students are surprised that such a subtle adjustment can make such a difference in how they feel.  Play with each one and let me know how it goes.