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I am so excited that you are intrigued enough in the business to take this next step.  This page is intended to share with you enough of the basic information around starting your own Young Living business to help you make an informed decision about whether the business is a good one for you. Then we can chat if you want to explore it further.

First of all, distributors (those who do Young Living for a business), do not “sell” the oils.  We educate people on the benefits and then help people sign up for an account, retail or wholesale.  When they sign up, they do so under our distributor account so each time they make an order now and in the future, we are credited with the purchase and earn a commission.  We do not hold product stock (although we can) and we are not a retail store.

Second of all, you do not need to be an expert in essential oils.  It definitely helps to be passionate about them, but you do not need to know all about the oils to lead a gathering.  We have a script to follow and a reference guide to refer to anytime someone has a question about a specific issue.  In fact, we cannot “prescribe” oils since we are not essential oil certified practitioners. (Unless, of course, you are!)

Third, let me take a moment to describe this business model.  Young Living is a multi-level marketing (MLM) or network marketing (NM) company.  Think of network marketing as grassroots marketing.  The company puts all of their marketing budget into paying word of mouth people, paying people who tell people about what they do.  You will never see adds for Young Living in magazines or billboards.

Multi-level refers to earning income from people on your team that you bring on board. It is a truly cooperative and feminine marketing plan.  Think of it this way: If you work on my team, I want you to do well. The better you do, the better I do. I will do everything I can to help you succeed.

Personally, that is one of the reasons I am so excited about working with Young Living — feeling a bit “over” the competition thing.  Competition is exhausting and it has worn me out. I so prefer to work with people and genuinely want to support people as they go forward.

The Power of Leverage

One of the greatest benefits of Network Marketing is the power of leverage.  YOU aren’t the only one making money for YOU. As people you have introduced to the business share with others, you, too, earn from their business.

Okay, that said, let’s talk details!

How people become customers:

  1. Retail: They simply purchase right off the website at retail prices.
  2. Wholesale: They purchase a Premium Starter Kit* to become a member and then earn 24% off all retail prices, paying wholesale prices.

*Premium Starter Kit Choices:

  1. Basic Starter Kit ($45): Includes distributer information, a bottle of StressAway and a roller filament.
  2. Essential Oil Premium Starter Kit ($160-$270): Includes all the above plus ten, basic starter essential oils and a diffuser. (Price of the kit depends on the diffuser you choose.)
  3. NingXia Red Premium Starter Kit ($170): You get two bottles of NingXia Red, 30-1 oz packages of NingXia Red and a box of Nitro.
  4. Thieves Premium Starter Kit ($160): A set of a variety of the Thieves products.

How Distributors make money:

  1. Retail customers: You make 24%, the difference between retail and wholesale.
  2. Wholesale customers: For every Premium Kit you sell, you make $50.  You also earn a FAST START BONUS, 25% commission from all of their purchases for the first three months.  THEN, you make 8% of all of their purchases forever thereafter.

The beauty of network marketing:

You also earn commissions off of the Business Builders you bring in under you:

  • 8% off of those you bring on personally (your Frontline or Team 1).
  • 5% off of those Team 1 brings on (your Team 2).
  • 4% off of those Team 2 brings on (your Team 3).
  • 4% off of those Team 3 brings on (your Team 4).
  • And it continues, the higher in rank you go.

Can you see the beauty of this process?  You make money off of people under you.  You know what that means? You only succeed by helping those under you succeed.  How fabulous is that? A truly cooperative business plan AND the basis of your residual income.  Put in a few good years and you can have a lovely residual income coming to you.

How you become a Distributor:

Becoming a distributer is easy.  Simply:

  • Purchase a Starter Kit.
  • Sign up for Essential Rewards program

Essential Rewards:

Essential Rewards is essentially Young Living’s Frequent Buyer’s Club.

  • Orders ship automatically each month on a day you choose.
  • Earn bonus points that can be exchanged for product.
  • Free products.
  • Lower shipping rates.

Many customers enjoy the benefits of the Essential Rewards and you will need to be part of the program in order to earn full commissions.

Minimum Essential Rewards Orders:

  • Essential Rewards Customers: $50 per month*
  • Distributors for full commissions: $100 per month*

* Actually based on PV (Point Value) not dollars, so 50PV for ER customers and 100PV for distributors but most products’ PV is equal its dollar value.

Benefits of Essential Rewards to you:

  • You need to buy product to learn more about YL and what it offers in order to better educate your customers.
  • It is your ONLY business expense for YL. Amazing!
  • PLUS, you know every business builder under you must purchase $100 each month as well and you will earn commissions off of their purchases.
  • And, hey, your essential oil yumminess is tax deductible! (Check with your accountant to confirm this!)


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