Young Living Essential Rewards Program


Young Living Essential Rewards Program

The key to building substantial residual income is through the Essential Rewards Program.  Otherwise you are starting over every month, looking for new sales.  I see my job as educating people so they appreciate what can change in their lives if they are using the oils and products regularly.

I encourage you to speak about Essential Rewards at your gatherings, if you aren’t already, and definitely on your follow up Care Calls with your clients.

To help, here are a few resources for you:

Jamie McKenzie did this Training in 10 recording for all of us.  She is a genius at signing people up and she has some great ideas here on how to talk about it at your gathering. (To start the playback, simply scroll over the left side of the bar and click.):

Here’s another great recording from Jamie, adding a bit more to the ER discussion:

This video was done by Stacey Tratner.  She has 100% participation in her ER program. That means everyone she introduces to YL oils signs up to receive an order every month.  Listen to how she talks about the program and you will understand why.  She LOVES ER, believes in ER, and truly knows in her heart that everyone will be happier with ER. No wonder everyone in her downline is on ER!

I love this video.  This is a brilliant video on how Essential Rewards works: