Welcome to our 5-Day Challenge!

Welcome! I am so incredibly excited you have decided to join us. This series is going to be fantastic and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Okay, a couple of items to get you started:

First Bonus:  I LOVE freebies so I will be offering you a bunch! Here is your first one: a Pose Cheat Sheet printable. While we won’t do ALL of these poses in 5 days, we will get to a few and you can use this sheet for reference.

Pose Cheat Sheet Printable

Get yourself excited! Check your inbox. Your FIRST video will be in your inbox super early Monday morning. I want it waiting for you if you want to do your practice before your day starts. 🙂

Peace & miracles,


PS The more the merrier! Please share this series with your peeps. YOU will have more fun and we will get yoga into even more homes — all good!

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