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I am so excited you made it to this day!! I so enjoy sharing this practice with people. Let me know what you thought!

And, ready to take the next step? I so hope you choose to investigate my Complete Beginner Yoga Series so you can add on to what you learned. You get a full THIRTY videos taught like these videos were – slowly and gently. Each video builds on the previous one, building up to intermediate levels poses. AND you get to download the videos to keep for yourself. AND there are bonuses (of course!).

Okay, I could go on and on, but this post is for you to find everything you may have missed. Enjoy!

Posts from each day (the videos):

All Videos for Download at my Online Studio: Download All.

Live Streams:

  1. How Yoga Can Help with Confidence, Letting Go, Feeling Present and more!
  2. Proactive Self-Care
  3. Quick Breathing Lesson to Relax
  4. Using Essential Oils to Enhance Your Yoga & Meditation Practice: (More info on oils)

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Thank you, thank you, for joining me! I have been truly honored to share this series with you. I so hope you continue studying with me by stepping into the Complete Beginner Yoga Series!