5-Day Challenge: Learn Yoga Day #4

Day #4

We are on Day #4! And you are in for a treat. Today’s series introduces back bends, something we all need to help counter our forward slumping over keyboards and phones. Don’t worry if you have back issues. Usually back bends are great for back issues – but they need to be done well. I will instruct you on how to do them well. Go slowly and listen to your body. If you feel pain, slow down.

In today’s “extra”, I share a breathing exercise that quickly relaxes the body. Be sure you watch it to learn more!

Watch here.

Today I also wanted to include a little gift from me to you. Here Is a video of a quick yoga series you can do seated at your desk during the day to relax. The video incorporates your breath to help you relax more deeply. You may download it to enjoy for yourself anytime you need it.: Yoga & Your Breath. ENJOY!

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The video for today is below (scroll down). Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

Let me be your teacher!

Like how slowly I am teaching you in this challenge? Then you will love my truly Beginner Yoga Series.