5-Day Challenge: Learn Yoga Day #3

Day #3

How is the series going? Have you done Day #1 and #2? It is not too late if you haven’t! You don’t need to do it every day in a row.

If you need to be more proactive with self-care (and…ahem…that’s YOU!), watch this Live Stream I did awhile ago.  I spoke about a plan you can put in place for self-care. If you ever feel tired, over-stressed, over-worked, you NEED to listen to this LIVE Stream and put a plan in place for yourself now! (And, yes, your yoga practice is one of these items! 🙂 )

Watch the Live Stream here.

Have you checked out my Pinterest board for this series yet? You can get a pretty version of the daily Cheat Sheet and create yourself a board with it! 🙂 MuseLaura on Pinterest.

The video for today is below (scroll down). Let me know what you think by posting below.

Let me be your teacher!

Check out this amazing truly Beginner Yoga Series.