Chi Flow for Yoga™

Chi Flow for Yoga

Deepen Your Experience of Yoga

Learn About the Flow of Prana Through Your Poses

Are you ready to deepen your experience of yoga?  To experience your poses in a more profound way?  Join Yoga Master, Laura Erdman-Luntz and her husband, Tai Chi Master Ron Erdman-Luntz, for an experience like no other.  Created from their combined 60 years of practicing their arts, this unique workshop will take you deeper into your practice.  Ron will guide you into feeling your chi and get it moving through chi kung exercises.  Then they will both take you into yoga poses to experience the flow in the poses.  Your poses will feel more grounded and aligned.  Your spine will feel longer, your heart more open and the benefits of your practice is exponential.

“My yoga has changed dramatically now that I understand and feel how the energy moves in my poses.  Thank you!”
~ Participant, 2012

Would you like to experience more?  Enjoy the free introductory video below and then join Ron and me at our online website for more videos and live, online classes:

Laura & Ron’s Online Studio 

Here is a basic 20-min introduction video for you to enjoy!

Laura and Ron are available to travel to teach weekend workshops.

Contact Laura directly to bring them to your studio!