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Now, if you are brand new to the oil world, you probably don’t understand how AMAZING this is! Rose Oil is the most precious of the oils — at $220 for a 5ml bottle! It takes FIVE THOUSAND pounds of petals to make ONE POUND of Rose Oil! (That many petals fills the back of a semi-truck!)

It is an incredibly high vibratory oil and, with the addition of Rose Quartz and Quartz crystals, we increase the vibration.

I want to help YOU get a vibrational hit this fall. 🙂

Along with this fabulous roll on, I will also send you a Welcome Goodie bag that will contain a few surprises (I totally LOVE surprises!) AND getting started info that will help you learn more about the oils.

More info about the kits: Starter Kits.

Let me know if you have questions.

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