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Complete Beginner Yoga Series™

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Want to enjoy 30, 30-min videos that start from the very beginning?  As much as I dislike the name of the book series’ “for dummies” I LOVE what they do.  Sometimes I don’t know anything about something and would LOVE for someone to start from that assumption.  This video series does that for you.  Each video builds on the one before it to keep you safe and moving forward with learning new poses.  Beginners is one of my specialties — let me guide you!  PERFECT for those of you who are a bit hesitant to go into a studio to learn yoga (or did go to a studio and felt lost or was injured) OR jumped into vinyasa classes but never really learned the poses.  (Hey, y’all, I really DID write the book on yoga poses!)

I am a complete beginner yogi and have immersed myself in Laura’s “Complete Beginner Yoga” classes. With each session, I learn more about my body’s alignment, breathing and how to relax. I am also gaining more strength, self-awareness and flexibility. The online format is the most affordable and time flexible way to begin or continue a life-long yoga journey. I highly recommend for anyone who wants to absorb yoga into your life!

~ Sarah Meier

Thanks for making great classes available for everyone in the world!

~ John Stinson

You can find the beginner series at my online studio in the Video Library.  Super easy to do!

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To receive your discount, use WomenRock in the “Apply Promo Code or Gift Card” box.