It is time to get started!! I am so excited. I love this process. I have gone through it personally for years and I LOVE company!
The New Year’s Resolution Tracker (see Step One), has 6 steps outlined for deepening your New Year’s Resolutions. I will cover each step, one a day, starting on December 26th. You will receive an email with a link to a blog post that has a quick video from me to help you get focused.
You will receive daily emails between 12/26 and 1/1 with inspirational suggestions around one of the six steps for building Inspirational New Year’s Resolutions.


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Would you like to join me for the year? Enjoy my My Inspirational Year journal to help support your life all year! This journal will remind you of your resolutions and the promises you made to yourself, helping you staying inspired and working toward what is really important to you all year long!
I will be Live Streaming each month on my Facebook page and posting on my blog around the monthly topics you find in the journal.
I have a few copies I can personally autograph — for you or a friend — it makes a great gift!


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