It is time to get started!! I am so excited. I love this process. I have gone through it personally for years and I LOVE company!


The New Year’s Resolution Tracker (see Step One), has 6 steps to help you choose your New Year’s Resolutions. If you want more support, I will be going LIVE sometime the week of 12/27 in our private FB group, Ignite Your Life, to share more about each step.

You can check in there if you have questions, as well!



Download and print your: New Year’s Resolution Tracker



Be sure to join my private, Facebook community so we can have conversations! Ignite Your Life with MuseLaura. I will be available there to answer questions as we go along.



Check out some of the podcast shows I have already done on New Year’s resolutions. You can find them here (or anywhere you listen to podcasts): Ignite Your Life Coaching


  • #5: Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work…and How They Can
  • #6: 6 Steps to Setting New Year’s Resolutions from the Heart
  • #30: Resolutions – So Much More Than You Think
  • #31: Best Practices for New Year’s Resolutions

And, when January comes around…and your excitement has waned, check this one out:

  • #7: New Year’s Resolutions: Keep. Going. Pep Talk



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Would you like to join me for the year? Enjoy my My Inspirational Year journal to help support your life all year! This journal will remind you of your resolutions and the promises you made to yourself, helping you staying inspired and working toward what is really important to you all year long!