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Be sure you have done four things to get yourself started:

  1. I will be sharing the program via Live Stream on my Facebook page and Periscope channel (@MuseLaura), starting Tuesday, 9/6. You can find all of the FB posts via my hashtag: #AwakenToJoyWithMuseLaura OR check my blog where I will post all the videos once I complete them. Check here: Awaken to Joy.
  2. Be sure to like my Facebook page. I’ll be posting a lot of goodies out there to keep you excited, including the daily-ish Live Streams. You can also ask me questions I will answer via the videos.
  3. Download the worksheet. This worksheet will help you keep track of what we are doing: Awaken to Joy.
  4. Subscribe to my podcast on iTunes. Episode #28 is the intro to this program and I will be doing more this month to share even more. (You can also listen or download Episode #28 below.)

I can’t wait to share this series with you!

Download the Episode here:  #28: Awaken to Joy: Tangible steps to help you experience more joy!

Awaken to Joy: Tangible Steps Introduction

by Laura L. Erdman-Luntz | Awaken to Joy Series

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