Raise your vibration, feel better & love your life more!

The Radical Self-Care Tool Kit

with Laura Erdman-Luntz,
Life Coach
30 years experience

Let’s Build YOUR Proactive Self-Care Strategy


In this 5-Day Series, get all the tools you need to build a powerful way to shift your vibration and feel BETTER!

This program is COMING SOON!

Self-care is the FIRST step to
your NEXT step…whatever it is.

Do any of these sound familiar?

I am so exhausted at the end of the day, all I can do is veg in front of Netflix, knowing there is something better I could do.


I don’t have time for anything more.


I feel like I have to “earn” doing something nice for myself.


I have to finish my to do list before I sit down.


I have habits I know aren’t feeding me but I can’t figure out a way out of them.


We ALL can have times when these are true for us – and for some of us it’s more often than not.

BUT it really isn’t your fault – our culture is does not respect rest – it respects hustle, working hard, and NOT begin “lazy”.

BUT self-care is a crucial aspect in our lives – it gives us energy, helps us give more freely without depletion, helps us live with more compassionate, kindness and patience, and raises our vibration.

Soooo…Why is it “Radical”?

Radical has two definitions that fit here:

1 relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; forming a fundamental part of the nature of someone

2 advocating for complete social change; characterized by departure from tradition.

 Since even a modicum of care of ourselves is not something that is part of our culture, taking GREAT care is indeed radical!

What can you expect?

You will:

Design an intentional, strategic & proactive self-care plan that fits YOU and your lifestyle.


 Learn how to use your time really well – to get more for less time. (Really!)


Be able to pinpoint the best actions to take to get the most out of your time.


Know you are taking immaculate care of yourself so you can have energy for creating the life of your dreams!

You will feel…

Filled up + Energized + Cared For + Deserving

All ingredients for a happier, more satisfying life!

Self-care is where I start all of my clients!

After 30 years of life coaching, I KNOW self-care is the place to begin. It’s ALWAYS the first step for my clients.

Think of self-care as the fuel for action and the fuel you’ve had so far as gotten you where you are right now.

We need to up it if you want to create MORE in your life! And by MORE, I mean moving beyond your limited thinking to build the life you are dreaming about!

But not just ANY self-care – STRATEGIC self-care – being proactive about taking care of yourself, making sure the actions you take are making a difference and having a plan and creating the space in your life to follow through.

Are you ready to say…

I have had a dream for my life…but no time or energy or new ideas to

pursue it…and now I’m ready to make a change!

The first step to your next step is always self-care!

What you get…

LIVES & Q&As with Laura

Each day, Laura will go LIVE on zoom with the lesson for the day, followed by a Q&A. It’s your opportunity to get some coaching of your own!

The sessions will be recorded and available for awhile.

Workbook + Worksheets

Get a full-color, 13-page workbook to support you through the process. Included in the workbook are worksheets to help you with your planning as you go forward

Plan for Moving Forward

Most importantly, the series ends with a plan for you on how to move forward – how to make sure you keep applying what you learned!

Steps to more energy…

Here’s how it unfolds…

Part I

What’s Your Story

Consider your own “Self-Care Story”. Taking some time to consider how your self-care has been throughout your life, and where it is now, will help you learn more about you and what you need

Part II

What do I need?

This part is the first part of the “strategic” aspect of this work. Learn about the 4 areas of your life that need attention. Once you can identify these areas, you can be sure to keep all of them filled up!

Part III

What’s My Plan?

In the 2nd part of the strategey, we will talk about how to keep your self-care proactive. You need a system!

Part IV

Now What?

This training is the crux of my systems – having something in place for making sure you keep going when you mindlesly quit OR for knowing when it is time to change the system. I promise not to leave you hanging! 🙂