The Young Living vs. doTerra Debate

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As a distributor I frequently get the question, “What about doTerra?”.  I am Young Living all the way, no doubts.  But as you go out and share the oils, others will want to know why you chose YL over DT.

doTerra was begun by four people who left Young Living.  The reasons they left are still a big hazy — you will see many stories all over the internet.

Unfortunately the internet is rife with gossip about the split and I truly believe that none of it is absolutely truth.  I had to go with my gut. I have had the opportunity to hear Gary Young speak. I have heard is absolute and utter passion, I have felt his integrity.  He is the pioneer.  He, personally, is the one who discovers new aromatic plants to distill, hiking through the jungles of Ecuador, and test for therapeutic properties. He is the one creating new formulas.

What I do know about doTerra is their formulas closely match Young Living’s.  In fact, they have directly compared them on their website.  Karmically, that does not feel good for me.  I would rather go with the original.

Here are a few great blog posts that expressed much of what I want to say. Read and learn more about the issue for yourself so you can decide for yourself.:

You can also read more about the differences here:

A Comparison of Young Living and doTERRA Essential Oils Companies v.3

I firmly believe there are two sides to every story AND very few people out there are actually privy to both sides of the story. (And even those people have their own story in their heads that don’t match the other’s stories.)  And, obviously, these resources are on the YL side.  I think it comes down to what feels good in your gut. Trust what your heart says and then let go of any angst.

There is room in this world for two oil companies.