The Psoas is a fascinating muscle.  (You may have heard it called “illiopsoas” which is what it is called when it is combined with another muscles the “iliacus”.)  It is the only muscle that runs from the torso to the legs (all others go from torso to pelvis and pelvis to legs) so it is essential to the connection between the torso and the legs both physically and energetically.  It runs from the front of the spine in the lower back, through the pelvis, to attach to the upper inner thigh bone (femur).   Its make up is also a bit different than other muscles so you need to treat it differently.  It needs to be relaxed, lengthened and strengthened.  Here are some podcasts for you to enjoy to help you with yours!  You can also link here to a Squidoo lense with all sorts of information!

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The Psoas: Release and Lengthen
The Psoas: Strengthen
The Psoas: Stretch