Greetings, {!firstname_fix},
I love Thanksgiving.  It is my favorite holiday — food and gratitude and family.  All good.  I also love it because it reminds me to pause and remember what I am grateful for.  It gives me an opportunity to thank you, thank you for being a reader, follower, student, etc.
As a special thank you, I created a gift for you: A Practice in Gratitude.  This practice helps you cultivate gratitude in your heart on all levels of your being.  It includes:
  • a breath, for building gratitude energetically,
  • a pose series, for building gratitude physically,
  • a visualization, for building gratitude on an emotional level.
Working on shifting our minds on all levels of our being is a powerful tool indeed, and the foundation to my Manifesting on the Mat series.  I so hope you enjoy it!
The video is at my online studio.  When you link to the link below, you need to register with the studio — don’t worry, it is free.  Then it will take you to the video.  At the bottom of the video, on the right, is a download link.  Click and it is yours!
Thank you, thank you, for your commitment to my work.  I look forward to even more inspiration in 2017!