#StandTall Challenge: Five days of Standing Tall Begins April 6th!

#StandTallChallenge | Life Coaching with MuseLaura


Soooo….ready to feel confident — even downright bold??

This series will squeeze out fear and bring on the umph in your life!

It’s easy…really easy.

You can do it anytime, anywhere.

Are you ready?


I am challenging YOU to consciously take on a strong stand (Tadasana for the yogic-minded!) 3 times a day for 5 days!  That’s it!  I want you to stand tall and feel the power of it just a few times a day.

Do NOT underestimate the power of standing strong, grounding the feet, lengthening the spine.  It can change your mind in an instant.  (Simply notice how you feel when you consciously slump — yuck, eh?)

Do this — a whole 15 times in a week can really change your life.


The “Rules” are super simple.  Here’s what you’ll do:

    • Commit to standing in a strong stance 3 times a day for 5 days, starting as soon as you sign up.
    • That’s it! How easy is that?

Each of the five days, I will be sending out a daily uber-quick video teaching you a super simple technique to make your pose stronger and more transformational.

Yep, that’s it.  Think you can do it?  I KNOW you can!  AND I want you to think about where in your life you could use more umph, more confidence and dedicate your stance to THAT!

If you want more fun:  Post a photo of your pose on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts with the hashtag: #StandTallChallenge and tag me, #MuseLaura — I love seeing what you are doing!  (Photo can be of YOU, if you have someone to take the photo OR of what you are looking at as you do the pose.)

The point is — you can really do this anytime, anywhere!
THAT creativity is what I want!

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