I love Small Business Saturday.  Personally, I do almost all of my Christmas shopping from small businesses, Etsy.com, etc.  Here are some ideas from people I know personally. These products are quality, amazing, and directly supports people and their families.  I love it! Here are some great suggestions for the “hard to buy for” and “have everything” peeps.


Awaken to Joy:

Awaken to Joy

What if joy was tangible…with specific, easily defined steps you couldtake to create it for yourself? It is! What if we could shift our attitude by just making some small changes in what we do in our every day? You can! This book makes a lovely book for those in your life to enjoy together.  Order directly from me and I’ll autograph it for you! Or you can get it from Amazon.





Scarves by Laura:

Scarves by Laura

Yep, I’m a knitter.  Love it, as a matter of fact.  I have three chunky scarves I have knitted for the season.  Enjoy brown, black, or cream tones.





Framed Inspirational Chalkboards:

Here’s the Life Coach coming out in me!  I got this idea from a fellow coach and I LOVE it! Use these framed chalkboards to write what you are manifesting right now as a lovely, and constant, reminder.  Place it by your bedside, hang it over your desk or on your kitchen wall.

They come in all sizes. Some are for table tops and others to hang.


Gemstone Organic Cremes:

Organic Creams

Handcrafted, made with USDA Certified organic ingredients.  They contain Gemstone Essences.  Yes, essences from crystals, so they also resonate energetically with your chakras!These cremes are amazing.  Want to know how fresh they are?  You have to store them in the fridge AND they have an expiration date!
Read my review
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Life Bottle:

This bottle is crazy amazing.  It transforms any water you put into it into the purity of mountain spring water.  Yep, I mean it.  Have you heard of Masaru Emoto?  He has discovered some amazing things about water, transforming it through meditation, positive imagery, etc.  Ned, the Life Bottle creator, has used this technique, placing powerful symbols on his bottle, to create a truly powerful vessel.




Nadiflow Yoga Clothes:

Cute Cropped pants

This website is one of my all-timefavorite sources for clothes. It helps that the company was founded by my student, Lisa, and her partner Dan.  They have an amazing philosophy that makes their clothes even more desirable!  Curious? Click my review to read more. (Oh, and in case you are still shopping for my present, I have a few suggestions for you!)



How to Craft a Money Vision Board for Financial Serenity (a six-step guide)

Vision BoardHere’ a truly fabulous e-book by my good friend, Lora Sasiela.  I had to giggle when she sent me a copy of the book.  It was definitely a book I was going to write, but now I don’t have to!  It is brilliant and will get you going on a powerful Vision Board for 2014.



My Inspirational Year Journal

Only $20 with FREE SHIPPING

My Inspirational Year

Oh, and one more: My Inspirational Year Journal.  I am just a couple of weeks away from releasing my second version of this powerful journal.  I have just a few copies (8, to be exact) of the old version and you can have it for only $20 (regular $75) with FREE SHIPPING. Ready to help yourself or a friend reach their dreams? It makes a lovely gift.

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone, and happy shopping!


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