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Let’s take our New Year’s resolutions to our yoga mats and make 2014 amazing!

Each January many of us start the New Year with a resolve that this will be the year we finally stick to our laundry list of well-intended resolutions. Two weeks later, that list is usually filed away next to organic banana peels and used coffee grounds. But this year, we can actually make those changes. We just need a little help from our closest friends…our yoga mats.

Yep, our yoga mats.  Our yoga practice is a powerful way to deepen our resolve. And adding a little Life Coaching to the process is simply magic! Ready for the three-part process? Let’s grab our journals and our yoga mats and let’s do it!

Step One: Let go of the past year

Life Coaching: 

Let’s start by reflecting on the past year. Let ourselves write without editing. Get it all out. What went well? What didn’t? What were the challenges we faced? How did we grow as a result? And, most importantly, what do we need to release moving forward?

While we want to think we can make a change to our lives, we are far more likely to, deep down, assume tomorrow will be the same as today.  We need to consciously release that which we no longer want in our lives so we can free ourselves to move forward with a clean slate.


Now let’s take that intention of release, whatever it is, to our yoga mats.  Begin by sitting quietly and simply set the intention to release whatever it is.  Then put attention on the release of exhales and do a practice of twists.  Twists are the detoxing poses!

Step Two: Bring in Our Dream

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