Ready to Rock Your Yoga Business (and make more money?)

Rock your yoga business

What if…

It was possible to make more money without adding classes to your schedule?

It was possible to support your family on a Yoga Teacher’s income?

You could prepare for a very prosperous retirement?

You could reach financial freedom very soon…

It IS possible!

Let me guide you through expanding your thinking, learning about other ways to earn money with actions that are still within the yoga world.  Maybe you won’t need your corporate job anymore or maybe this series will help you start a vacation/retreat fund or maybe this series will simply help you develop more financial security.

Teaching yoga is the worst business model out there — exchanging time for money.  You can only teach so many classes, charge so much, and, if you get injured, you are in trouble.  If you want to be a Yoga professional full-time, or simply make a good amount of money part-time, you need to be smart about it.

Over the next few days I want to get you thinking, thinking about what you really want and how you can get it.

Here’s what will happen:

You will first receive: Five Websites You Need to Know About to Make More Money

You probably know about some of these already, but do you use them?  (And, if you use them, do you use them well?)

Then you will receive 5 more emails over the next few days, sharing with you ideas for making more money.

Your job is to take time to consider each idea, to contemplate it seriously. Take time to think “What if this worked for me?” We often set aside new ideas without even considering them simply because they are new.  Here is your opportunity to step into with eyes wide open and truly consider it.

 Then choose the ideas (I recommend 1-3 to start) that you think might work for you and begin applying the ideas in your own business.

Are you ready?


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