Complete Beginner Yoga Series

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Ready to learn yoga? This video set is a 30-class series, beginning from the very beginning. Each class builds on the previous one taking you gently from beginner into intermediate yoga. PLUS a bevy of bonuses!!

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Ready to learn yoga? And I mean REALLY learn it?



Does this describe you?

  • “I have always wanted to learn yoga but am too nervous to walk into a studio.”
  • “I tried yoga but, honestly, felt intimidated because the class moved too fast.”
  • “I tried yoga but the teacher expected me to know the poses already.”
  • “I would do yoga but I feel too inflexible and out of shape!”
  • “My schedule is too busy to attend a regular class.”

Anyone can learn yoga if it is taught with enough attention to detail, patience and caring. Laura goes slowly and builds on your knowledge. You will learn how to do yoga. And you can do it in the comfort of your home, fit into your schedule. Each class builds on the previous class so you can move at your own pace.

Bring a studio class to you!


Specifics: You receive

  • A total of 30 class videos
  • 27, 30-min videos to help you fit it into your already busy lifestyle.
  • 3 special videos (#10, #20 and #30) are longer, review classes to give you the opportunity to practice what you have learned and enjoy a longer class.
  • The series is downloadable so it is yours to use and repeat as much as you want to in the future!
  • PLUS: Bonuses (See Below)

Are you ready to commit to your health and well-being?


When you purchase the video set, you ALSO receive a bevy of extra bonuses from Laura. (Note from Laura: And you just might get a few gifts in the coming weeks. Yeah, I do that kind of thing.)

  • Bonus #1: Create Your Own Home Practice E-Course: 
    When you get through the yoga series and are ready to strike out on your own, this course will walk you through the steps of setting it up, deciding what your practice should look like.
  • Bonus #2: Meditation Podcast: 
    Enjoy a  heart-centered meditation mp3, a lovely addition to your yoga practice.
  • Bonus #3: Relaxation Podcast (for Savasana):
    We end every yoga session with a calming relaxation called Savasana. This recording can be used anytime, anywhere to help you completely relax.
  • Bonus #4: Pose Sheet: 
    Do the names of the poses confound you? Enjoy this guide with all the poses you learn in the series and more. There is a photo and both Sanskrit and English names.
  • Bonus #5: Prop Resource Guide:
    When you are ready to invest in your own props, this guide covers my favorites!
  • Bonus #6: Essential Oils for Your Yoga Practice: 
    Want to add Essential Oils to the mix to up your practice? I have a few suggestions for you.