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Yoga Crow: Shorts for Men

Every once in a while, I find a product and say, “I want to review that for you!” Yoga Crow was one of those products.  Conor, the founder of Yoga Crow, does shorts for men… that’s it.  Yes, there are more products in the works. Read on. But his desire was to create a really great, stylish, pair of shorts for men, and he did.

My husband LOVES them. Now, if you knew my husband (and some of you do), you would know that that is an amazing testament.  My husband is incredibly particular with his clothing. As a martial artist, he needs his clothes to be comfortable and he needs to be able to move well.  (He even kicks in the dressing room to make sure he can.)

AND, even better, they look like every day shorts. You can walk around on the streets in them and be fashionable.

Okay, so let me tell you about the shorts and the fab guy who created them.  I like to ask my product creators a few questions to use to formulate my review.  Conor’s answers were so perfect, I thought I’d let him tell you all about what he does.

Oh, first, let me introduce you. This is Conor (and, yes, he is wearing his shorts!):

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Tell me about your product.

Yoga Crow shorts are a designed to be relaxed, comfortable, performance-minded men’s sportswear. The shorts themselves don’t look wacky or different but the technical materials and design allow men to move into and out of postures without worrying about tightness, tearing, or exposure. All products are made ethically in the United States and have anti-microbial properties [less stink!].


Why did you decide to create this product? What gave you the idea?

I was tired of wearing swimming trunks or basketball shorts to yoga. I generally practice heated yoga, and the available options were really tight compression shorts or shorts that weren’t designed with yoga in mind. I had a pair of pants that I liked to practice in, but they were covered in Om symbols. Living in the city, I felt ridiculous and self conscious both in practice and walking down the street. As yoga continues to expand into the mainstream, I wanted men that don’t define themselves aesthetically as yogis to feel comfortable in class and in the moments surrounding a practice.


Why are you passionate about it?

I find deep beauty, simplicity, and balance in yoga. On a personal and collective level, I want to encourage the practice of these principles. Within Yoga Crow, from the design to the general aesthetic of the brand, the search for, and constant discovery of, these values keeps me passionate and engaged.


Tell me about your life dreams. What do you want to do with this product?

While it is sometimes a struggle, I apply the wisdom of the yogic tradition to my life. I want to live in the present and so while I certainly have private goals and aspirations for my life, products, and brand, I try to stay focused on what I can do to both improve business and my own well-being in the now. Generally, this involves keeping my head down and working hard. As a philosophical point, the push by other brands to always focus on the future by means of ‘goals’ can breed unease and uncertainty within people. So while it is important, and I think necessary to have something to work towards, pause and appreciate the beauty of your present life. Balance and beauty are everywhere.

More specifically, we should have a pair of pants and new t-shirts out in the near future. In the more distant future, I want to create a aesthetically forward line that can be worn both in and outside the studio. Personally, I want to be able to advance the ethics I find important. First on that list is responsible manufacturing. Companies have a responsibility to treat everyone in their supply chain with respect and dignity. So I’d eventually like to work with groups, like WRAP, that further this cause.

Frankly, Conor, I love them, too, so you could probably market them to women!

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