Ready for another fabulous product? I can’t wait to share this one with you!  This website is one of my all-time favorite  sources for clothes.

I have these:


And this cute top:


And this fabulous shirt. (It says, “Less Desk More Yoga”.  I wear it to my corporate classes!):


And I now have these:


And a couple of other things that are no longer on the website.

Yep, I love them!  It definitely helps that the company was founded by my student, Lisa Silverman, and her partner, Daniel.  BUT their business philosophy is crazy amazing which makes it even easier to love what they do.

They…well, let’s let Lisa tell you!

Lisa_portrait1I look for unique and special products that I can share with the world that are eco-friendly, sustainable, and fairly traded whenever possible.  The value of ahimsa, non-harming, goes hand in hand with my yoga practice and I feel that it is important to offer yogis and yoginis products that reflect this value.  I want our customers to feel beautiful from the inside out and hope that our clothing and accessories bring out each person’s inner light when they use them!


Now that is a business philosophy I can stand behind!

Check out what Lisa says about the capris I have pictured: 

What makes this product special, besides being cute and comfy, is that it is made of fabric created from recycled cotton plus polyester from recycled plastic water bottles. The cotton comes from pre-consumer fibers and clippings that are collected after the cut and sew manufacturing process primarily for apparel, sorted by color, blended, spun and knit into new fabric. The benefits to recycling discarded fabric cuttings to make new garments include:

  • The discarded fabric is not sent to a landfill as waste.
  • The recycled fabric made from pre-consumer cuttings requires no new dying, saving energy, water and other manufacturing resources.
  • No land use, no water intensive irrigation, no fertilizers or pesticides as are used in growing new cotton.
  • Recycled polyester is created from post-consumer plastic bottles that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill.

I can tell you they are crazy comfortable.  I am wearing them now and love wearing them to teach and all over the house.

On their website, they also have a page dedicated to whole outfits!  (FYI, in case you need to buy me a present soon, I love this one, and this one, and, for those rainy Sundays, this one, although I do not have a dog!)

Visit the store online at!  Or, visit with Lisa and Daniel in person at the upcoming Iowa City Yoga Festival on October 11-13 and at the Twin Cities Green Gift Fair on Saturday, November 23rd at the Midtown Global Market.