Life Bottle

Product Review: Life Bottle

You. Must. Buy. This. Really.

One of the best parts of my job is finding cool things made by cool people and telling you all about it.  This bottle  is the coolest of the cool.  I don’t usually insist you go out and buy something, but you must go out and buy this.  You will LOVE it and never look back.

This bottle is crazy amazing.  It transforms any water you put into it into the purity of mountain spring water.  Yep, I mean it.  Have you heard of Masaru Emoto?  He has discovered some amazing things about water, transforming it through meditation, positive imagery, etc.  Ned, the Life Bottle creator, has used this technique, placing powerful symbols on his bottle, to create a truly powerful vessel.

The Short Story:

Let me share the short story around my experience with this bottle. (You can read the long story on the website.)  It transforms water into a vibrant, energetic entity that will feed your body and soul.  Really.  My 9 year old son (who happens to be very attuned to energy) exclaimed, “This water is so full of energy!”

We even tested city, chlorinated water.  Ours smells like a swimming pool.  Within an hour of being in the bottle, it tasted delicious with no chlorine residual.

Kinda hard to believe, isn’t it? Here’s your opportunity to suspend belief and open your mind because it is worth it!

AND it is only $20!  The bottle is huge and beautiful and worth so much more.  I do recommend buying the water activation kit with the bottle to further purify your water.  It includes everything you need to create your own ionized saltwater concentrate for instantly programing and energizing your drinking water. (Still only $30 for bottle and activation kit.)



Head ShotNed Ashton, Life Bottle creator

So, now let me tell you about Ned Ashton, the creator of this amazing product.

Ned has such a fabulous story which begins, as many of ours do, with a wake up call.  The unexpected, sudden death of his uncle called Ned to begin to question certain aspects of his life, to dig more deeply.

He spent the next few years on a personal odyssey, trying college, giving up his possessions, traveling.  During that time he had a powerful, transcendent experience that helped him realize that we are more than our physical bodies.

When his idea for the Life Bottle came to him, he had $100 in his bank account.  He visualized his dream coming to fruition, all the steps falling into place with all the right suppliers to put more positive energy into his product and it happened exactly as he visualized it.

I love his story!


Buy Yours Today!

You can read more here and buy one or two for yourself…and your best friend…and your neighbor…and your dog.  Yep, it is that good.