Product Review: Gemstone Organic Cremes


Ooo! Do I have a cool new product for you.  Well, it’s not new to the market, but new to my home daily regime.  These cremes are…are you ready? Handcrafted, made with USDA Certified organic ingredients.  They contain Gemstone Essences.  Yes, essences from crystals, so they also resonate energetically with your chakras!

These cremes are amazing.  Want to know how fresh they are?  You have to store them in the fridge AND they have an expiration date!

I am pretty sure I am preaching to the choir here, but in case you don’t know, the skin is the body’s largest organ.  What you put on your skin goes into your body. We need to use organic lotions as much as we need organic veggies.

You know what else?  Guys can use it, too!  It smells, let’s just say neutral, not frilly or girly.  My son and husband have been loving them with the rest of us.

So, I met the lovely lady who makes these this summer at a yoga festival.  She is a geologist by trade.  Yep, a rock lover.

Here’s what she has to say about where she came from:

Back when I was a kid, one of our favorite family outings was to the gravel pit to look for agates. That was the beginning of my love for rocks and it has never stopped (hence my Geo-Engineering Degree).  My pockets were always full of rocks and even up until today if I don’t have rocks on me as jewelry, I have them in my pockets or near me. Rocks carry the energy of the earth, air, water and fire. I started making Gemstone Essences about 10 years ago for myself and found that when I added it to my Crème’s my skin loved it too! I worked on finding the best combinations for skin and make them today for you to make your skin sing.  Gemstone Organic Crèmes were created out of my love for rocks, organic products and the desire to offer others an affordable, organic, healing product.


Lovely, isn’t she?  Here is what she says about what she does:

I love making the creme.  It gives me as much back as it puts out to others.  But what I love most is when people share with me how much they love the creme because I really do put all my attention on creating something that is good for your skin.  (I only wish I would have started for myself 10 years earlier!).

So many products use preservatives and a true organic product will go bad because it is food based and raw!  I want to be sure that everyone understands that the creme they receive is fresh and that the handcrafting is important in the quality and healing components.  The handcrafting is really important and what gives it the magic – along with the gemstone essences of course!


Debra has created five formulations:

  • Rose Quartz:

    Made with Gemstone Essences from Rose Quartz and other select Crystals with properties to help promote clear skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and promote a softer, smoother complexion. Product Review: Gemstone Organic CremesEssential oils from lavender and rosemary are added to enhance blood circulation and promote the healing and appearance of your skin.
    Rose Quartz is our Heart Chakra Crème. This is the stone for Universal Love. Rose Quartz strengthens and balances the physical heart and circulatory system and releases impurities from body fluids.

  • Verdant:

    Made with Gemstone Essences from a special selection of Crystals with properties to help promote stimulate and support a soft, smooth complexion. Essential oils from vetiver, thyme and grapefruit are added to hydrate and moisturize your skin and to clear congested skin. Vetiver gives this creme a beautiful refreshing fragrance.
    Verdant is our Earth based Crème. It is very grounding, bringing harmony and soothing feelings.

  • Gold:

    Made with Gemstone Essences from Gold gemstones and other select Crystals with properties to support the absorption of vitamins and minerals from the Crème ingredients along with helping skin disorders. Essential oils from carrot seed and helichrysum stimulate your epidermal cells to prevent aging giving your skin a soft, smooth feel and look.
    Gold is our Masculine, Power Crème. It is the color of the Third Chakra, the sacral chakra and ruled by the Sun. As the Sun is our solar power, the sacral chakra is our personal power. Gold symbolizes warmth and strength as well as ones striving for recognition, power, and social status.

  • Moonstone

    This one’s my personal favorite! Made with Gemstone Essences from Moonstone and other select Crystals with properties to help promote clear skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and promote a softer, smoother complexion. Essential oils from Blue Chamomile, Clary Sage, Helichrysum and YlangYlang are added to enhance blood circulation, balance and promote cell regeneration and smooth and soften your skin.
    Moonstone is our Feminine & Water Sign Crème. It is associated with the sacral and third eye chakra’s. Moonstone is a very personal stone and stimulates intuition and balance.

  • Ruby:

    Made with Gemstone Essences from Ruby and other select Crystals with properties to help promote good circulation and the elimination of toxins, improving skin disorders. Essential oils from lavender, lemongrass, neroli and sandalwood enhance blood circulation, prevent breakouts and calm and renew skin cells.
    Ruby is our Fire & Passion Crème. It works with your root and heart chakra and brings wisdom in teaching you how precious you are. The oldest healing uses for Ruby gemstones have been found to be cleansing the blood of toxins.

Want some for yourself?  For those of you in the Twin Cities area, you can purchase them at several co-ops: Lakewinds, Linden Hills, and Tao Foods.  Want to purchase them online?  Debra has an Etsy site.  You will so enjoy these cremes!