CCP Laura Yoga006

Working with the Feet to Stand Tall in Your Yoga Poses

Saturday, October 12th, 8-9am

Standing yoga poses are the backbone of a yoga practice.  They teach us about our alignment and where our body is in space.  When we use standing poses well, they also help us feel stronger, standing on our own two feet.

Join me for a 60-min workshop/class, live and online on Saturday, October 12th.  We will discuss the anatomy of the feet and then apply those concepts to our standing poses.  You will leave feeling taller and more confident!

Register here. (Please note:  Once you click, you will be transferred to my online studio site.  Register for Continuing Hatha Yoga.  10/12 class is on downward facing dog pose.  Class on 10/12 is on the Foot and using our feet to stand taller in our standing poses.)


Chi Flow for Yoga™

begins at 9:15 am.  Join my husband, Ron, and me for a 30-min class on bringing energy flow to your standing poses.  A POWERFUL 30-min class!  Register here.